Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part II: New Jersey Tips - Cleaning Up After a Flood

Part II - Secure the Buildings and Utilities Before You Enter Your Home or Business

• Before entering the building, check for structural damage.

• Don’t go in if there is any chance that the building, or parts of it, may collapse.

• Carefully check to make sure porch roofs and overhangs still have all their supports.

• If you see damage, a building inspector or contractor should check the building before you enter.

• Once you are certain that the building is structurally safe to enter, make sure the electricity is turned off before you enter.

• Enter the building carefully. If the door sticks at the top, it could mean your ceiling is ready to fall. If you force the door open, wait outside the doorway in case debris falls. Check the ceiling for signs of sagging. Wind, rain, or deep flooding may wet plaster or wallboard. It is very heavy, and will be dangerous if it falls.

• Upon entering the building, do not use matches, cigarette lighters, or any other open flames, since gas may be trapped inside. Use an explosion-proof flashlight or chemical light stick to light your way.

• If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas, or if you hear blowing or hissing, open a window, leave the building and premises immediately, and call the gas company from a outside. Do not re-enter the building.

• Be aware of the dangers of electrical shock and the possibility of injuries caused by hidden sharp objects.

• Look out for animals, especially snakes. Animals lose their homes in floods, too. They may seek shelter in your building. Seek the assistance of an animal control officer to remove unwanted animals.

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